The ISM Pharmaceutical Forum is a special-interest forum within the Institute for Supply Management™ (ISM). Its mission is to:

  • Establish/maintain robust industry-wide engagement among leading procurement professionals representing branded pharmaceutical and biotech companies of all sizes
  • Benchmark and share best practices for procurement challenges that are peculiar to our industry
  • Develop and maintain relationships with leading universities, institutions and commercial thought leaders in supply management to garner innovative thinking, collaborate on research areas relevant to our industry, and further develop future practitioners

    General Information:

    The Pharmaceutical Forum

    Members of the Pharmaceutical Forum represent mid-to-large pharmaceutical/biotech companies and meet at various times throughout the year to benchmark and share best practices. The Forum meets at member companies which host events through-out the year.

    Goals for 2012-2013:

      Elevate the Awareness and Capabilities of Procurement Leaders

    • Share best practices in the areas of organization design, structure and impact; metrics; category strategies and supplier relationship management; sourcing tools and implementation.
    • Partner with research organizations and universities to continue to drive innovative approaches and new thinking

    Promote the Procurement Profession

    • Support educational institutions that offer leading edge supply management program through scholarships and research.
    • Provide professional development and networking opportunities to pharmaceutical supply executives through Forum activities.

    For more information, contact Bill Stirling, Vice President, Global Sourcing & Supply Management, Bristol-Myers Squibb at

    The Supplier Diversity Pharmaceutical Forum

    The Supplier Diversity Pharmaceutical Forum is a sub-committee of the Pharmaceutical Forum. This group is comprised of supplier diversity professionals from the pharmaceutical industry.
    Meetings are held three times per year at various locations, throughout the U.S.and the members of this forum participate as a group in a number of small business and diversity conferences throughout the year.

    The Supplier Diversity Pharmaceutical Forum is dedicated to:
    • Increasing innovation, productivity and value added business results
    • Developing best and next practices in Supplier Diversity
    • Expanding supply base diversity in the pharmaceutical industry
    • Ongoing Supplier Diversity professional development
    • Promoting training and development of small and diverse suppliers
    2012/2013 Key Focus Areas for this Forum include:
    • Increasing innovation, productivity and business results Building capacity of small and diverse suppliers
    • Professional Development For more information regarding the Pharmaceutical Forum Supplier Diversity Sub-Committee, please contact the current 2012/2013
      Joyce E. Eriksen Eggers, Assoc. Director, Contracts and Supplier Diversity
      Millennium: The Takeda Oncology Company
      e-Mail: Phone: 617-444-2376
      Tom Thattacherry, Manager, Supplier Diversity Genentech/Roche
      e-Mail: Phone: 650-225-4401